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Practicing good Body Posture helps reduce spinal and nervous system stress

Learn and practice good posture and body mechanics. A straight, properly aligned back avoids unnecessary wear and tear. Test your posture by standing with your back against a wall. You will learn the mechanics of good posture by trying to straighten your back. A lazy slouch posture or increases the curves in your back. Many people develop poor posture early in life. Straighten the curve in your neck by standing tall with your chin slightly tucked in. You can straighten the curve in your low back by tucking in your stomach and tilting your pelvis forward, tighten the muscles in your buttocks and bend your knees slightly. Good posture can prevent backaches. If you are experiencing back strain, take a few moments off and give your back a rest.

In addition to good posture and body mechanics, massage work can be very helpful in stress reduction. Dr. Lewis has a fully licensed massage therapist on staff who specializes in deep tissue massage, myofascial release, .The massage therapy focuses on acute or chronic specific target areas that are causing pain and discomfort to the individual patient. The massage therapy works well in conjunction with Dr. Lewis’s specific, gentle touch spinal adjustments by enhancing the body’s natural healing process to accelerate wellness and recovery.